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I love this song and 'I Will', to of my favorite Macca songs, along with 'Honey Pie', also from "The Beatles". The band "Fool's Garden" did a pretty good cover of this song, which is actually how I found out about this song.

(Paraphrasing, of course) BTW, how did you figure that out? I don't believe the song is about 'Martha', Paul's English Sheepdog, but I know he has mentioned her being the inspiration, as someone else already stated, as does Paul, "You have always been my inspiration...", etc.

"be good to me"- please help me get inspired.i'm listening to martha my dear right now. when you find yourself in the thick of it"That's a brilliant song...chiefly the piano solo at the beginning... I really wonder how Paul's dog Martha inspired him's so strange but only Paul knows that.

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He produced many Bowie albums, including this one, for which Bowie has said, "He is the only producer I would completely leave a project in the hands of". Freddy called people dear all the time, just watch any video doc on Queen.

But I have grown up with the Beatles and I am so thankful for my parents. Without them, I would be sucked into the suger-coated, auto-tuned world of pop. Incidently, Mary was married to Tony Visconti, who played bass on Bowie's 'The Man Who Sold the World', which in my opinion is one of the heaviest albums EVER, perhaps the firts 'heavy metal' album. Calling someone's name and using the term dear, or 'my dear', is very British.

Since then, Fisher has been involved with youth through his work in other parts of Nova Scotia.

Items of historical significance are housed in Heritage Place and on display throughout the Motherhouse and in local communities.

The timing is perfect as the song, 'Martha My Dear', was written '67/68 , and the title states Mary Hopkin 1968 when Paul, the Beatles and Apple were producing Mary, Badfinger and various artists.

If you match the video to: you can see the black spot on the side of her head which starts behind her ear, and how the black of her leg is kind of behind her leg, the white being prominent.

We wanted to provide a woman-positive space for women to come together and work for social change and we wanted to provide services and programs to support women in making positive changes in their lives.

We have been providing information, support services and programs to women and girls since 1983.

I had heard that Paul's sheepdog was named by an airline hostess, also called Martha. Paul did a lot of 'solo' work on that album which I believe was a preminision of theng to come, sadly. Despite having listened to the Beatles stuff a lot before, I missed this song completely until I heard the cover.i think the idea that its about the voice in his head makes more sense, or to me at least. (mine's ellie, which came from another one of their songs! if i can transverse space and time however, I won't die.

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