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Sy Fy starts its run of the last 12 episodes this Friday.

Here’s what we learned from the pair about their show and their characters: While the rest of Camelot may live in fear of the Lady Morgana, Katie Mc Grath wishes she could take more of her character with her off-screen.

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“With this character I always felt she would be a good queen because she has that sort of humble quality but she also has a very noble nature.

Looking from the outside I would want her to be my queen!

She says: “In between this series and the last there’s been a three-year gap and the ever-present Morgana has reared her head.

Gwen is now queen and I guess she’s been building her confidence in that role over the past three years and handles it very well.

” Arthur is a legend so is it possible to do any research into Guinevere? “I have seen some of the other representations of Guinevere because I enjoy the fantasy genre but I wasn’t looking to be like anyone else.

“I wanted to be my own thing, created through the writing. “Gwen has always been a bit of a moral compass in the show. I think the character has been quite a good role model in that sense and she has maintained that throughout.” She plays opposite Bradley James’s King Arthur.

TV show description: A remake of the 1960 television series, the Thunderbirds Are Go!

TV show is a futuristic animated British-Australasian sci-fi series.

Five seasons has seen a dramatic change in the relationship between these two women.

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