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She graduated from Law School at the Universidad Santa María.She began her acting career at the age of 13 by landing a role as the co-protagonist in the RCTV telenovela La mujer sin rostro.

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Mas a tatuadora Bicem Sinik, de Istambul, desenvolveu um estilo próprio, que promete deixar muita ...

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After successful engineer Leonardo Lombardi catches his beloved wife Raiza cheating on him with his best friend Federico, he meets Miranda, who has to give up her medical pediatrician studies in order to help out her family with their financial difficulties.

In my opinion the success of this novela is mainly because of the Oscar/Emmy worthy acting of Ana Karina Manco, (Miranda Valladares).

Even though they say this isn't her topnotch acting, she still is a gem on screen. Miguel de Leon (Leonardo Lombardi) and Amilcar Rivero (Gregory Looker) are worth mentioning too.

The cast has good chemistry and it shows in their acting.

For Daniela Borges, true love was lost almost twenty years ago, when a violent tragedy separated her from Sebastian Leon.

She has now been married for 18 years to a rich businessman, and they have a teenage daughter.

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