who is paul mcdonald on american idol dating - An unexpected error has occured while updating required files

The scenario is, There is not visual studio install on my clients machine so what I was doing is I simply copying my solution folder in 12'hives LAYOUT folder along with the bin folder. Sachin We can just provide unknown answers for unexpected errors.

Then when I was try to access it by hitting the URL Name]/_layouts/[My Custom Folder]/it was giving me the error mention above.

an unexpected error has occured while updating required files-61

At a command prompt, type net helpmsg [file system error message number].

For example, if the error is 53, the net helpmsg command will return "The network path was not found." This information should prompt you to make sure that you can access the administrative shares.

Please try again."I've tried again, restarted, restarted, and restarted. Since the crash, and long before, no router changes to routers or ports have been made. please try again Can u Blizzard do sth about it cos i have been having the same problem for a week now.i checked firewall, internet connect, reinstalled d3 everything no respond for my ticket for 3 days .

No new mac install updates have been done, and no other important changes to the computer have been made. thank u very much for all the abuse and ignorance from u Blizzard.

However after clicking the restart button on the error dialog and the computer has restarted, I have the newest version of the OS.

I can see this in the "About this Mac" dialog and that the App Store doesn't show any updates.

To learn more about this alert, if you are using Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, do one or more of the following: This Error event indicates that a file system error occurred when Exchange Server tried to open the restore environment file.

For example, this event can be generated when a file is trying to perform a write operation as part of the restore process.

User Action: Follow the recommended action in the second error message.

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