Amazon women on the moon dating

Lou Jacobi is zapped into the TV and wanders through each sketch screaming for his wife "Selma!

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See more detail about this products on wikipedia and University of Pennsylvania Website John Landis, the director of the classic KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE (1977), returned a decade later with an even better skit-driven spoof of late-night TV, 50s sci-fi flicks, and pop culture oddities.

Opening with Arsenio Hall nearly killing himself in a series of apartment mishaps, the viewer realizes he is in for a wild ride.

"Scream Queen" Monique Gabrielle is a breathy "Pethouse Plaything" who walks the streets, gazes in an art museum, and goes to church buck naked!

Joe Pantoliano hosts a hair looming commercial specializing in stapling carpet to bald heads; character actor Stanley Brock is a satisfied customer! Rosanna Arquette does a background check on blind date Steve Guttenberg and discovers his nasty dating habits!

David Alan Grier ("In Living Color") is Don 'No Soul' Simmons, who appears in a commercial advertising black people born without soul, hosted by B. Henry Silva hosts "Bullshit or Not," a take-off on Robert Stack's "Unsolved Mysteries"!Watching Arsenio Hall have a really bad day just makes me have a good one. Jack the Ripper was the Loch Ness Monster The Actual Amazon Women on the Moon Personalized video dating taken to the next level Hairlooming A very confused “Invisible” Man played by Ed Begley jr.How Don “no soul” Simmons used his disability to his advantage. So of course Amazon Women on the Moon is a lot less racy.And some (including me) would say a lot less funny.Among the film's other targets are Playboy video centerfolds, hospital soap operas, the singles dating scene and TV charity marathons, including an appeal by B. King on behalf of "Blacks Without Soul." The funniest episode probably is "Son of the Invisible Man," directed by Carl Gottlieb, in which Ed Begley Jr. In the style of the original film, the invisible man amazes onlookers by swooping coffee cups and overcoats through the air, but since they can see the man who is holding them, the effect is not what he intended.

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