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She may have been submissive, but she wasn’t absent or vegetative, so why can’t we get inside her head?

Why can’t we understand the psychology behind her submissiveness?

Amanda Seyfried has the worst taste when it comes to men.

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A thrown away “my mom told be to obey my husband” just doesn’t cut it, and in any case that’s taken directly from presumably real footage of an interview on the “Donahue” show.

What does “Lovelace” tell us about Linda Lovelace that is not already part of the public domain? In only covering the period between the lead up to and the implosion of her relationship with Traynor, the film reads more as “Linda & Chuck: Portrait Of the Shittiest Marriage In History” than as “Lovelace.” And the structure only compounds that: in a self-conscious and not wholly successful stylistic flourish, directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (“Howl”) tell the main part of the story twice.

I'd rather do something that's physically tough and mentally stimulating.

What he did, what he went on to achieve…to be able to portray someone like that is a dream role.

Franco Despite the fact that it only lasted a single magical season, remains up there as one of the most beloved high school TV shows of all time.

Viewers would have begged Claire Danes to kick that pioneering fuccboi to the curb if it weren’t for Jared Leto being the puppy eyed alt-boy of our wildest dreams. Franco When came out in 2010, we were still far from our James Franco saturation point, so the notion of watching the actor saw off his own arm over the course of an entire movie did not feel like a nightmarish prospect.

Does he have photographers taking pictures while in bed? Anyway, 34-year-old Franco is set to receive a Walk of Fame star next year probably before Helen Mirren.

Is he watching himself in a mirror while having sex?

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