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They listen to oral presentations and enjoy having books read aloud in class.

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Teachers teach with words, which is verbal learning. However, there are learning styles these methods ignore: the kinesthetic or physical method of learning; the aural or hearing learning style; the logical or mathematical sequencing style.

Students need group work for social learning style; they need time alone for solitary style.

With seven learning styles in play, teachers need multiple strategies to accommodate them.

Teachers can accommodate different learning styles with in-class exercises, group work and independent creations.

Classrooms can have as many learning styles and preferences as students, but most learners prefer visual, auditory or kinesthetic styles.

Although most teachers present material to students in a variety of ways, keeping all students involved throughout the day becomes challenging.Teachers can accommodate different learning styles by varying the types of activities and assignments presented in the classroom.The three most common learning styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic.Life is an ongoing process of learning and growing, and the corps as the people of God gathered together, should be a learning community.Obviously, one of the purposes of corps Sunday services is learning, as the sermon is there to instruct people in the Christian tradition.The propositional content of the three-point sermon has also been challenged, as 65% of the bible is narrative compared to 10% being propositional [1].

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