Accommodating children with special needs in the classroom

This lack of understanding often places parents and schools in conflict and jeopardizes a positive school experience for the struggling child.

The area of disability case law, which is based upon decisions and interpretations of the law that have been upheld under the scrutiny of the courts, is a rapidly developing area of law.

While it is obvious that a child with hearing or visual difficulties should be seated near the front of the room, other conditions and remedies are often as simple but less obvious.

In the past, and unfortunately sometimes today, parents have been discouraged in their efforts to obtain accommodations or help for the children’s disabilities since they “did not qualify.” Sometimes the failure is due to the lack of a proper and timely diagnosis.

169-194, viewed 13 August 2017, doi: 10.4135/9781452274973.n7.

I am a student at Salisbury University and we are studying inclusion in one of my education classes.

This booklet has been produced by Waterstone’s bookshop and includes very useful checklists for teachers of YLs including: For further information about teaching young learners and adults with dyslexia, you can visit:

169-194, viewed 13 August 2017, doi: 10.4135/9781452274973.n7. "Recognizing, Accommodating, and Advocating for Children with Special Needs." , SAGE Publications, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA, pp.You'll also be just a better match for some kids than others; you can only recognize that other teachers will hopefully "match" the ones you don't.It is sometimes hard to find a balance between learning disabled children and non-learning disabled. It’s a way to make sure your child’s learning and attention issues don’t get in the way of showing what he knows.Kids with learning and attention issues may need to learn material differently than other kids their age.I teach high school children and my hope is that I make a difference in ALL of my kids...learning disabled and regular ed. Katie, As a special education teacher I find it crucial that children be included.. One child may need very little direction and one may need a lot more doesn't it all end up equal??

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