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The camera also supports Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF over 80 of the total image area.

Unfortunately, all the quality and performance does not come for cheap and as is usual for Canon Cinema cameras, the C300 Mark II comes with an eye watering price, ,000 in this case.

Canon has announced the latest flagship member of its cinema line of EOS cameras.

The C300 Mark II has a new super 35mm sensor and 4K internal recording and 15-stop wide dynamic range.

Freelance press photographer Abid Bhat used to hotspot the 4G internet on his mobile, connect it to his laptop and send pictures to international publications.

His work stopped since 3G and 4G mobile internet services were suspended in the Kashmir Valley from Monday afternoon.

The sensor is capable of shooting up to ISO 102,400 and sensor readout has been sped up by two times over the previous one to reduce rolling shutter distortion.

The camera can record in Full HD (1920×1080), 2K DCI (2048×1080), 4K UHD (2840×2160), and 4K DCI (4096×2160), all of which can be recorded internally on CFast 2.0 memory cards or output to an external recorder through built-in 3G-SDI ports.

So we decided to take a closer look at the hardware and see how it compares to the i Phone 3G!

Read on to see how the i Phone 3G compares to the T-Mobile G1 Here's a disclaimer: We know that the i Phone is the i Phone is the i Phone while Android can pretty much be anything anybody wants it to be.

The camera supports the new Canon Log Gamma 2 profile that allows headroom for color grading in post.

The camera also has extremely wide 15-stop wide dynamic range so you can be sure to capture all the details in the bright and the dark areas.

Where the front and back halves meet, the back half of the case recesses into the front.

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