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You can find the Clover Customer Support number by logging into your merchant dashboard. Securing your and your customers’ data is Clover’s top concern.

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PCI dictates that PIN-entry devices need to detect if they have been tampered, and if so, lock the ability to take PIN-entry transactions.

This can happen for a number of reasons, such as having a credit card skimmer applied to the device or someone attempting to break the device open. This FAQ informs you what to do if your device is stolen. You can report a device as stolen by calling Clover Customer Support.

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Current benefit offerings More than 4 in 5 cards (83 percent) offer at least one of the four purchase benefits. Some are more common than others: While most cards boast more than one of these types of card perks, 17 cards surveyed by Credit offer all four – price protection, purchase security, extended warranty and return guarantee – to cardholders: Which cards have the best benefits?

Because card issuers can pick which benefits to add to their cards, the selection of benefits on the cards in your wallet may vary greatly.

When you see some cards are different than similar cards from other issuers, those with added benefits are examples of issuers who have hand-picked additional benefits for certain cards, according to Megan Delaney, department head and director of partnership Management at cbsi, a provider of transaction account benefits to Visa USA. “Depending on which Mastercard they sign up for, their issuing bank will decide which type of status and benefits are available on their card,” said Mastercard spokeswoman Beth Kitchener.

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